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Chardust Ltd

Cleaning the environment to make

Eco-Charcoal Fuel, Seedballs and Biochar

Cleaning the environment to make Eco-Charcoal, Seedballs and Biochar

Welcome to Chardust, an alternative energy company in Nairobi, Kenya. We've developed innovative techniques to convert discarded charcoal waste into low-cost fuel briquettes and biochar products.

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Chardust was founded in 2000 to produce substitutes for charcoal on a commercially sustainable basis. Given that charcoal generally wholesales for less than $150 per tonne in developing countries, this was at one time thought impossible. Chardust, however, making use of low-priced raw materials, ample labour supply and a good measure of innovation, set out to produce fuels that could sell directly into traditional charcoal markets and compete head-to-head on price and quality. With daily sales peaking at over 7 tonnes, this goal has been achieved!


A strong philosophical foundation influences business decisions at Chardust. The company's Directors are aware that they are pioneers of emerging technology that has led to the development of a new industry in East Africa with the capacity to protect diminishing natural resources, recycle large amounts of waste and provide inexpensive fuel to huge numbers of people.



Around 10% of the charcoal brought into Nairobi is thrown away as dust.  It accumulates wherever charcoal is sold.  Collecting this dust supports a cleaner urban environment. Chardust salvages the dust and brings it to the briquetting factory for cleaning and processing.

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